Paramount rising kerb


The Paramount Rising Kerb  Barrier’s provide quick response and are hydraulically operated, tough, reliable and un-compromising.  Providing the ideal solution for unwanted vehicle access, in both manned and unmanned vehicle parks.  They also provide the ideal deterrent to stop the most determined intruder, on high-risk sites.


Our Rising Kerbs can be used in conjunction with our sliding gate ranges to prevent pedestrian access into restricted areas.


Our gate interlocking control system provides seamless control of both the gate and rising road kerb.



The Rising Kerb is available in two types and four sizes these are capable of withstanding axle weights of 3 tonnes
(type A-2 metres and 2.5metres) and 12 tonnes (type B-3 metres and 3.9metres).


Manufactured from a welded rectangular hollow section frame and durbar top plate, featuring a heavy duty hydraulic power pack to raise and lower the unit smoothly.  The Rising Kerb is a state of the art protection solution to any vulnerable site.


Both ranges include manual lowering as standard, for use in the event of a power failure.


The Rising Kerb will interface with any Paramount access control product.





Finish- Galvanised and Painted or Painted only.


Operating time- *Please specify as this is an option at the time of order.

Single or three-phase power supply.

Traffic lights included as standard.

Optional Automatic Lowering upon a Power failure.


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